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Super Hero Fan Films
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Welcome to Season 2

This is a community to discuss, review and share Super Hero Fan Films.
Fan Films are an offshoot culture of independent digital filmmaking. Fan films feature the characters, settings or premise of popular genre properties in stories that audiences will probably never get to see on the movie screen or television. Most fan filmmakers go through the same hard work involved in making a typical independent short film -- scriptwriting, casting, on-set production and post-production. The only difference is that this is for the fans, by the fans.

Arguably the most common type of fan films out there are Star Wars. They have a wide base of fans and even an exclusive website in which to debut these excellent works of art. www.theforce.net
This site even hosts some non Star Wars films, so it is a great source for searching films that you may like, and I encourage everyone to check it out. However, since the Star Wars fan films are covered by countless websites and forums, I have created this community to showcase Super Hero Fan Films.

Here we will post links to fan films, for quick downloads. We will share pictures of upcoming projects and rate the concept and artistic takes on the stories of our heroes.

If you have an upcoming film you are working on, feel free to post pictures and previews. Excellent quality, bad quality, funny, serious. It doesn't matter. We are all here to see what you have to offer, so don't be shy.

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